Presto 75A Restoration Project

A customer recently imported a vintage Presto 75A disk recording lathe from the USA, with a view to cutting records in Europe.

He quickly discovered, like many people before him, that it was spinning a bit slower than it should, when operated from 50 Hz mains, via a simple step-down transformer. As with most vintage record cutting machines, the platter is powered by a synchronous AC motor, which “locks” to the line frequency.

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New Styling for Agnew Analog Transformers

Our popular range of premium transformers and iron-core inductors just got prettier!

No need to hide your transformers!
With powder coated end-bells in Agnew-cream-white and our fancy engraved stainless steel product plates riveted on, with type designation and serial number stamped by hand as a seal of approval following our extensive testing and quality control procedures, our transformers now look as good as they are!

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