Series 6100 Precision Vacuum Platters

We can supply a range of precision vacuum platters to fit any disk recording lathe. Vacuum platters use suction to clamp the blank record down, keeping it flat and steady during the cutting process. This increases accuracy and makes it easier to reliably cut high fidelity masters with a consistent, repeatable groove depth setting.

Fairchild lathe with vacuum platter

Our vacuum platters can either be mounted on a subplatter assembly with adjusters to eliminate run-out, or they can come with a shaft that can run in a suitable bearing unit.

We can also supply vacuum spindles, vacuum fittings, subplatter assemblies and even complete bearing units.

Subplatter Assembly on Neumann lathe

Vacuum Platters

Type 6116 16" Vacuum Platter
Type 6114 14" Vacuum Platter
Type 6112 12" Vacuum Platter
Type 6110 10" Vacuum Platter
Type 6107 7" Vacuum Platter

Accessories for Vacuum Platters

Type 6106 Subplatter Assembly
Type 6102 Spindle for Vacuum Platters
Type 6101 Vacuum Fitting for Vacuum Platter Spindles


If you already have a good non-vacuum platter, you may want to look at our Series 6200 Vacuum Tops, which will convert your existing platter into a vacuum platter for only a fraction of the cost of a new vacuum platter.