A low profile record clamp for disk recording lathes

The Type 6079 is our new low profile record clamp, for securely holding the blank disk in place on a disk recording lathe, during the cutting operation.


It is designed to clamp all sizes of blanks and will also center and clamp big-hole 7" disks. The diameter is kept as small as possible to allow the stylus to cut closer to the center and the profile is low to allow the edge of the head to even go over it, to get even closer to the center.

Machined from an Aluminum/Magnesium alloy, this clamp is built to last. Other clamp designs are also possible, we machine these in-house and can accommodate any features required.

Older lathes sometimes relied on an off-center locating pin, engaging a separate hole in the blank disk, to prevent slipping. Two-hole blanks are not common nowadays, but the Type 6079 now makes it possible to just use any blank you like.

The low profile allows this clamp to work well on lathes with a short spindle. Ideal for Presto lathes such as the Model 75A we recently restored and custom projects like the MRC16 we modified with electronically variable pitch. A threaded version, Type 6078, is also available for Fairchild Model 539, Model 199 and early Model 523 lathes.