About us

Agnew Analog is a family-run business, operated by Sabine and J. I. Agnew and is the leading supplier of engineering consulting services for demanding and technically challenging applications in audio.

Building upon 15 years of professional experience in the audio industry, we solve difficult technical problems on a daily basis. A relevant academic background, a lifelong passion for audio and solid hands-on experience form the basis for the traditional engineering approach at Agnew Analog.

We repair, restore, modify, design and build anything related to analog disk recording lathes, analog tape machines and vacuum tube electronics. Through the years, the complexity of our work has required the expansion into further disciplines: Vintage laboratory measurement instruments, vintage precision machine tools and optics.

Our aim is the preservation, continued use and further development of our cultural and technological heritage: The traditional craftsmanship and innovative engineering applied to analog sound recording technology.

Our world-class Research & Development Laboratory and diverse skill-set enable us to reliably deliver results to the most exacting standards.
Please contact us with your ideas and requirements, we are always keen on pushing the boundaries even further.

Painting by Anja Neuber