New Agnew Analog Product Plates

We are very excited to present our new product plates, featuring our new logo, engraved on stainless steel plates!

The new logo was designed by Sabine Agnew and the choice of stainless steel as a material for the plates acts as a further statement of our commitment to exceptional quality, to accompany our products throughout their extremely long service life with no deterioration.

Paint flakes, steel rusts, copper and aluminum dull out through oxidation, wood deforms and is devoured by wood worms, plastic is just plain ridiculous...! Stainless steel lasts forever, is hard, stable, non-toxic and non-magnetic, to be safe for use in close proximity to magnetic tape and tape machines.

Our products are deliberately engineered to last a lifetime or two, because we strongly believe that this is the only sustainable and responsible way to manufacture anything. We take an active stand against the modern made-to-break culture: There are no infinite resources, so it is our duty to make good use of them and reduce waste, energy usage, carbon emissions and other forms of pollution by making products that last and can be proudly passed on from generation to generation as our cultural, technological, industrial and intellectual heritage.

We set out to develop a product plate that embodies these principles and clearly communicates them. A robust yet elegant design which will remain functional and timeless, just like the products these plates will decorate. The product type designation and serial number will be stamped on the plate by hand, following a thorough inspection of each unit, as a permanent seal of approval. Let quality and excellence prevail!

PS: As you may have guessed, nobody develops such product plates unless they have some really exciting products coming up! Stay tuned!