Rocky Mountain International Hi-Fi Press Awards 2019: Naxatras III voted Best Audiophile Recording!!!

While Naxatras are busy rocking hard as far as Australia right after a European tour, their third album won the "Best Audiophile Recording" Award in the "Analogue" category, both in its triple LP edition on vinyl and its double reel edition on 1/4" tape, at the Rocky Mountain International Hi-Fi Press Awards, in Denver, Colorado, on September 8.
Rocky Mountain International Hi-Fi Press Awards 2019

The album was engineered by J. I. Agnew, recorded on 1/4" tape using vacuum tube equipment, exclusively in the analog domain.
The 1/4" tape release consists of direct, real-time duplicates of the master tapes, along with an inlay, in a handcrafted wooden box.

The vinyl record edition is a triple LP in a triple gatefold sleeve, pressed in a limited edition on "ice-blue" colored vinyl and a normal edition on black vinyl. The lacquer master disks were cut by J. I. Agnew at Magnetic Fidelity, directly from the 1/4" master tapes, using a 100% analog signal path, using the Agnew Analog Reference Instruments Type 891 Cutting Amplifier.

Analog Lacquer Master Cut of Naxatras III
Analog Lacquer Master Cut of Naxatras III
Both editions feature artwork by Chris Toumazatos aka Chris RW.
The reel-to-reel tape concept was designed and overseen by Sabine Agnew, who also assisted in the recording and handled the other format releases.

We would like to thank John Delias, John Vagenas, Kostas Xarizanis and Philon Geropoulos for the great music and amazing performances, Bette Spitz and everyone else at ATR Magnetics for manufacturing their fantastic recording tape, the skilled craftsmen at Pallas Group for their outstanding plating and pressing, Chris RW for his amazing artwork, everyone at the Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest for this great honor, our family and friends for all their support and all who keep analog sound alive!

An interesting review comparing the vinyl and tape versions of the album was recently published by and can be found here.

Telefunken M15A Tape Machine

Naxatras III can be purchased on 1/4" tape from Magnetic Fidelity Recordings and on vinyl through the band's bandcamp page.

Analog recording and mastering equipment capable of world-class audiophile performance can be purchased from Agnew Analog Reference Instruments.