Naxatras vinyl records

Analog Disk Mastering

Master lacquer disks for vinyl record manufacturing, cut using exceptional quality custom vacuum-tube equipment, with a guaranteed all-analog signal path, directly from tape, or even direct-to-disk from a live performance, is not exactly something you come across every day! This service is generally known in the industry as "mastering" or "disk mastering", but in popular culture it is also frequently referred to as "disk cutting", "record cutting", "lacquer cutting", "lacquer mastering", or even "vinyl cutting" and "vinyl mastering". 

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If you have your recording on tape and would like to release it on vinyl, keeping the whole process entirely in the analog domain, you have just found one of the very few people in the world who can get the job done. But, even if you prefer to supply your material in digital form, we can also cut masters from all kinds of digital files, including high definition PCM and even DSD! Your masters will be cut at Magnetic Fidelity, a world-class mastering facility, by J. I. Agnew, and can be shipped to the pressing plant of your choice, anywhere in the world. Please contact Magnetic Fidelity directly to discuss your requirements. httpp:// 

Disk mastering electronics rack

Disk mastering system with Jesus