Agnew lathe

Agnew Analog Reference Instrument Type 612: A new Disk Mastering Lathe

After many long years of research and development and long field testing of the various components,  we are proud to present the Agnew Analog Reference Instrument Type 612, a brand new disk mastering lathe, now available to order.

The Type 612, formally unveiled at the International Disk Recording and Mastering Convention 2023 in July, is a fully engineered, innovative approach to lathe design, inspired by the long established traditions of the New England school of precision machine tool manufacturing.

The carriage slideway is machined directly onto the lathe bed (not bolted on) for maximum flatness and rigidity. It is hand-scraped to establish a bearing and represents a true reference flat plane, on which the carriage can slide. A lubrication system built into the carriage ensures adequate lubrication of the sliding surfaces for maximum smoothness of operation and long-term reliability.

The entire system is self-adjusting and self-compensating for wear, eliminating the need for adjusting gibs and bearings.

Instead of a leadscrew, it uses hydraulics to advance the carriage, for quiet, trouble-free operation and long-term reliability.

The platter bearing is also machined directly into the lathe bed (not bolted on). It is a hydrodynamic oil-bath bearing system that is also self-adjusting and self-compensating for wear, machined on a Moore Special Tools Company, Inc. Jig Borer, ensuring unprecedented geometric accuracy. The platter axis is at exactly 90° to the slideway on the lathe bed and will remain so for several decades of heavy use. No more variations in depth of cut between start and end diameter with wear.

It can be fitted with either a 12” or a 14” vacuum platter, driven by a motor on the floor (such as our direct-drive Type 631).

It can be fitted with any cutter head ever made, including our own Type 602 (stay tuned for a dedicated post).

The Type 612 lathe will cut lacquer masters, dubplates, or plastics.
Most importantly, it can either be ordered as a complete system, or you could just purchase the parts you need to build your system with your own electronics, motors, etc. 

An accurate and reliable mechanical assembly is the heart of the system and is impossible to make without access to very expensive precision machine tools and decades of experience. Now it is available so you can be confident in building everything else around a solid base.

We also offer training in the use and maintenance of the machine and long term customer support.

Photography by Sarah Hamilton (Lebeast Photography of Vancouver, BC, Canada). More photos coming soon! Stay tuned, things are about to get really exciting!