Agnew Analog Type 631 Direct Drive Motor and Type 231 Control Module

The Agnew Analog Reference Instrument Type 631 is a high performance direct drive motor, designed for professional disk mastering lathes and turntables. It is usually positioned on the floor under the lathe or turntable, driving the platter directly by means of a long driveshaft, similar to the drive system of the Neumann VMS-70 and several other professional disk mastering systems.

The Type 631, delivering 2 Nm of torque, is a very capable replacement for the Lyrec SM-8 and can be used together with our Type 6512 driveshaft, Type 6412 high precision machine spindle, Type 6312 hydrodynamic oil bath bearing unit and Type 6112 or Type 6114 vacuum platter, to convert and upgrade most vintage lathes (Scully, Fairchild, Presto, Rek-0-Kut, etc) to direct drive, or replace missing/damaged/worn components on Neumann and Lyrec lathes.

The Type 631 motor can be used with the Type 231 control module, offering a very simple and reliable interface for starting/stopping the platter and speed selection.

The Type 631 motor, along with the Type 231 control module and the rest of the Agnew Analog range of lathe driveline and precision workholding products will form the basis for the Agnew Analog Type 612 disk mastering lathe, a true reference instrument that will bring new standards of performance and reliability to the industry.

Stay tuned for further updates and to see the new Agnew Analog disk mastering lathe in action!