A Fashionable Rek-O-Kut Lathe Cabinet

Have you ever noticed the total absence of audio equipment from the luxury houses presented in glossy architecture and interior design magazines? It makes the inhabitants of such property come across as rather uncultured.

In fact, not only is an audiophile grade sound system a minimum requirement for the home of anyone affluent enough to hire an interior designer, but it is important to choose a designer who can appreciate the aura of sophistication and intellect projected by a beautifully restored vintage disk recording lathe, set in a handcrafted custom cabinet, in a conspicuous corner of the living room!

Tasos of Epos Laboratory designed this beautiful cabinet to house his Rek-O-Kut Master Pro, restored and modified by Agnew Analog. Some of the work done was presented previously on "Rek-O-Kut Master Pro System with modified Presto 1D Cutter Head" and "Rek-O-Kut Model V: Repair and 50 Hz Conversion". The custom Agnew Analog transformer and rebuilt motor can be seen inside the cabinet, with tidy wiring done by Tasos.

The motor is adequately ventilated, reaching 33.1 °C in five minutes of operation and 61.1 °C after 45 minutes of continuous operation.

The transformer, on the other hand, follows the more generous design principles of Agnew Analog and does not exceed 39.2 °C as measured on the core. The winding temperature is expected to be a couple of degrees lower than the core.

With such a showpiece in the living room of his idyllic seaside residence in the south of Greece surrounded by old olive trees and breathtaking Mediterranean scenery, Tasos is now busy turning down offers from magazines interested in doing a multiple-page feature.

Most certainly!
If you need a serious cabinet for your lathe, feel free to contact Epos Laboratory.