New line of high precision machine spindles now available

A good machine spindle is one of the factors defining the accuracy attainable from rotating machinery. This applies equally to machine tools used in industrial manufacturing and to disk recording and mastering lathes, used to make phonograph records.

At Agnew Analog Reference Instruments, we use some of the finest and most accurate industrial manufacturing machine tools ever made, to build some of the finest and most accurate disk recording and mastering equipment ever made, so we have had to learn a thing or three about machine spindles along the way.

We are now offering a new line of high precision machine spindles for a variety of applications. These are made of special steel alloys, precision machined and then heat treated to the most stringent standards of metallurgy, before being finish ground to size. These can be mated to workholding devices as required for the application.

The Type 6412 spindle is intended for use with our Type 6312 hydrodynamic oil-bath bearing unit, or our Type 612, Type 613 and Type 614 machine beds, for use in professional disk recording and mastering lathe applications. The Type 6412 can be mated with the Type 6105 subplatter, to hold our Type 6112 or Type 6114 vacuum platter. It can be coupled to our line of driveshafts, to be driven from
our floor standing Type 631 direct-drive motor. The combination of the Type 6412 spindle with the Type 6312 bearing unit offers an extremely high degree of precision, vanishingly low noise, and freedom from vibration, with very low maintenance requirements and high reliability in heavy-duty use.

The spindle is self-adjusting, self-compensating for wear and self-centering, ensuring that correct geometry is maintained at all times throughout the life of the spindle.

The Type 6438 spindle is intended for use with our Type 605 or Type 607 machine beds, for portable disk recording applications or for specialized manufacturing equipment, such as disk recording stylus manufacturing machines. It can be mated to small-diameter platters, close-grained cast iron laps, or other types of workholding devices. The Type 6438 can also be coupled to our range of driveshafts, to connect to a suitable motor for the application. The Type 6438 is capable of sustained high speed operation.

In addition, we can manufacture custom machine spindles to your specifications, to fit any disk recording and mastering system, or precision machine tool, of any vintage, in metric or English units. Both solid and hollow spindles are possible, threaded or tapered, or mated with the appropriate workholding arrangement.

Further details can be found in our product page. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements.