New Styling for Agnew Analog Transformers

Our popular range of premium transformers and iron-core inductors just got prettier!

No need to hide your transformers!

With powder coated end-bells in Agnew-cream-white and our fancy engraved stainless steel product plates riveted on, with type designation and serial number stamped by hand as a seal of approval following our extensive testing and quality control procedures, our transformers now look as good as they are!

We design and wind custom audio transformers (vacuum tube output transformers, interstage transformers, balanced line driver transformers, special input transformers, etc.), audio inductors (for filters, equalizers, loudspeaker crossover networks, vacuum tube load inductors, etc.), power supply transformers and inductors/chokes, transformers for motors, transformers for power conditioning equipment for audio installations, RFI/EMI filter inductors, instrumentation systems, and many more.

The Type 1760, for instance, is a step-down transformer, designed to operate 110 VAC/60 Hz synchronous motors, as commonly used on vintage disk recording lathes, from 230 VAC/50 Hz European mains power, without overheating them.

The "V" suffix on Type 1760-V denotes a special version, matched to a Rek-O-Kut Model V motor, which was presented in a previous episode, fitted with a custom 50 Hz capstan.

The Type 1736 next to it is a custom one-off transformer for the amplifier project of a customer.

The stylish approach to quality iron!