Precision Motors and Control Systems for Leadscrew Automation

Depicted here, are two external rotor, polyphase, electronic commutation motors, fitted to custom mounting plates, ready to be installed in disk recording systems, to control the leadscrew.

These are very high precision motors, with features allowing accurate, closed-loop control of speed over a wide range, as well as positioning applications. A combination of hall sensor arrays and high resolution encoders makes them extremely versatile, compatible with a wide range of lathes.

While we mostly use these for automation systems on disk recording lathes, we have successfully used variations on this theme for machine tool control, in applications where high precision is required. Such systems can be fitted to lathe carriage and slide leadscrews/feedscrews, milling machine tables, coil winding systems, and various other applications, for automation and repeatability.

With the appropriate control electronics, disk recording lathes can be automated to the extent permitted by the nature of the operation (variable pitch control, repeatable lead-in, lead-out and spiral positioning, etc) and various machine tools can be converted to add CNC functionality.

Application examples to follow in due course.
Stay tuned!