disk recording stylus manufacturing machine in action

Disk Recording Stylus Manufacturing Machine

In the infinite depths of the Agnew Analog Precision Engineering Laboratory, designing and building a disk recording stylus manufacturing machine! 
Please welcome the Agnew Analog Reference Instrument Type 607!

This is a high precision 5-axis manual machine tool designed to create geometrically and dimensionally accurate facets on a tiny piece of sapphire, ruby, or diamond, producing a microscopic cutting tool that will be used to cut grooves on vinyl records or the master disks used in the vinyl record manufacturing process. 
It is built on the Agnew Analog Reference Instrument Type 607 machine bed, originally introduced as a lathe for cutting 7” records, although it could also be built on the Type 605, the smallest of our machine beds, designed for cutting records on CDs!

Our range of machine beds can be configured as needed for a wide range of precision engineering operations, from cutting records, manufacturing jewel stylii and coil winding, to general machining and metrology applications.

Key features of the stylus manufacturing machine include accurate indexing for rapid repeatability of angle settings for generating the various facets, continuously variable speed control, bidirectional rotation, exchangeable diamond-charged laps, built-in measurement microscope, vacuum suction system to ensure operator health and safety, excellent rigidity, positive micrometric positioning of all machine axes, dial indicators for rapid and confident repeatability of all settings and even slots for access to structural chassis members for slings to lift the machine.

On the first photograph, you can see a pair of Starrett dial indicators displaying accurate positioning information for some of the machine axes.
As with all Agnew Analog Reference Instruments, this is handcrafted in Greece using some of the finest manual machine tools of all time and was built to last, in the long tradition of fine craftsmanship that we have been preserving and continuing.

Our expert toolmakers will be happy to assist you with your next challenge, whether it is just a small part or complex industrial machines. If you are looking for quality disk recording lathes, we make them. 
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