Magnetic Fidelity 

Analog Recording and Mastering Studio, also hosting a record label releasing analog tape and tape-to-DSD conversions of analog recordings:


 The Secret Society of Lathe Trolls  

Forum containing a treasure of information of carving sound into things.


Chrompahile - Bine's Art  

A selection of Sabine Agnew's art projects.


Robino: Hosting, SEO and more  

If you are looking for web services, Robino is a friend and soul-mate of ours.



Cutting Stylus Supplier: "Micro-Point" in the UK

Transco/Micro-Point has been supplying cutting styli to the worlds mastering studios and pressing plants since the 80’s.


Copper Music Magazine 

J. I. Agnew publishes a column there.



Painting by Anja Neuber