We have in stock a diverse range of high grade lubricants for various applications, directly or indirectly related to audio equipment. 

These are available in quantities of 100 ml or 1 L. 

Please inquire if unsure which type to choose for your application. A list of types and confirmed applications is provided below. 

Content List:
  • Disk Recording Lathes
  • Precision Metalworking Lathes
  • Turntables
  • Industrial
  • Analog Tape Machines
  • Automotive
  • Other Applications

Disk Recording Lathes

Type 1201: Fairchild, Presto, Rek-O-Kut, RCA, Scully, Universal, Federal 
Type 1203: Some Presto Units 
Type 1232: Neumann Light Oil, Scully, Thorens 
Type 1233: Neumann Heavy Oil 
Type 1234: Neumann Dashpot Oil (Suspension Unit) 
Type 1235: Grampian Cutter Head Damping Fluid 
Type 1280: Grease for Fairchild, Presto, Rek-O-Kut 
Type 1281: Grease for Neumann 

Precision Metalworking Lathes

Type 1210: Lorch (high speed), Hardinge HLV apron
Type 1232: Schaublin, Simonet, Mikron, Lorch (later models), Monarch, Stark, Rivett, Boley, Smart&Brown, Myford, Hardinge
Type 1246: Lorch (early models, low speed) 
Type 1268: Monarch 10EE power feed gearbox 
Type 1295: Neat Cutting Oil 
Type 1296: Horizontal Slideways (light load) 
Type 1297: Horizontal Slideways (moderate load), Hardinge slideways, Myford gearbox oil, Monarch slideways 
Type 1298: Vertical Slideways (heavy load) 
Type 1299: Vertical Slideways (heaviest load) 


Type 1201: Handcranked Gramophones, Juke-boxes 
Type 1232: Thorens, Linn, EMT, Pioneer, Denon, Dual, Technics 
Type 1246: Garrard 301/401 
Type 1280: Garrard 301 "Grease Bearing" 


Type 1203: ABAC, Atlas Copco, Ingersol-Rand, reciprocating piston air compressors 
Type 1291: Airline Oil 
Type 1292: Hydraulic Oil (Light Duty) 
Type 1293: Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps 

Analog Tape Machines

Type 1210: Telefunken M15A, Telefunken M21 
Type 1232: Otari MX5050, Akai Oil, Fostex Oil, Tascam Oil 
Type 1265: Studer A80, Revox PR99, Revox A77, Revox B77, Studer A810, Studer A812, Studer A820 
Type 1280: Akai Grease, Tascam Grease, Fostex Grease 


Type 1204: 10W/40 engine crankcase oil 
Type 1205: 20W/50 engine crankcase oil 
Type 1207: 75W/90 gearbox oil (API GL4) 
Type 1209: 75W/90 differential oil (API GL5) 
Type 1280: Wheel bearing grease (lithium) 
Type 1281: Propshaft and balljoint grease (molybdenum disulphide) 

Other Applications

Type 1201: General purpose light machine oil 
Type 1232: Watches, clocks, music boxes, indicating instruments, photographic equipment 
Type 1282: Graphite Grease 
Type 1283: Silicone Grease 
Type 1284: Nickel Anti-Seize Compound 
Type 1285: Copper Anti-Seize Compound