Master Lacquer Shipping Box

Master Lacquer Shipping Box 
Handcrafted from locally sourced, solid beech and beech plywood, this sturdy box will offer a very high degree of protection for your valuable master disks, during transit. 

These boxes have been specifically designed and tested to withstand the rough handling associated with shipping by air, greatly reducing the risk of shipping damage to the sensitive lacquer disks, on their way to the plating and pressing facility. The wooden construction provides thermal insulation and prevents condensation, rendering the package more tolerant of temperature changes along the way. The disks are secured in position via their center hole preventing them from impacting each other or scraping against the box, when properly attached. 

Master Lacquer Shipping Box 
The inherent natural beauty of wood makes this box ideal for other uses as well, such as the archival storage and display of valuable and sensitive disks, reducing any risk of mechanical damage as the disk surfaces are prevented from scraping against each other or the box. Care has been taken to ensure that no aggressive solvents, acids or other chemicals are used to manufacture these boxes, which could affect the contents. When used as shipping boxes, the presentability of the wooden box will make your mastering facility stand out, perceived as a statement of uncompromising quality, at a minimal investment. 

Last but not least, for the environmentally minded, it should be pointed out that these boxes are meant to be used multiple times, unlike single-use products offered elsewhere. The same box can be used to ship the masters to the pressing plant, and ship the test pressings or metal mothers/stampers back. This way the same box can be used repeatedly, as it will withstand several years of abuse, while faithfully protecting the contents. 

Master Lacquer Shipping Box 
Originally developed for use by Magnetic Fidelity, these boxes have been field-tested extensively since 2016 and refined to their present design before finally being made available to the public in the spring of 2018. Designed by demanding disk mastering professionals for their own kind, specifically for this purpose, maximizing ergonomics and usability while offering unprecedented levels of protection, combined with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Time to leave the pizza box aside! 


External Dimensions: W (400 mm/ 15.75") L (400 mm/ 15.75") H (80 mm/ 3.15")

Empty Box Weight: 2 Kg/ 4.40 lbs

Maximum Disk Center Hole Diameter: 7.24 mm/ 0.285" H11

Internal Depth (for stacking disks): 55 mm/ 2.165"