Series 6500 Driveshafts

We can machine driveshafts for driving the platter of a disk mastering lathe or turntable, from a floor-standing motor, such as the Agnew Analog Type 631 or the Lyrec SM-8. We can also machine driveshafts for driving the leadscrew of a disk recording lathe from a pitch motor located further away. We can machine the ends to any diameter required, to very high levels of dimensional and geometric accuracy. Different diameters on each side are also possible. The driveshafts can be machined to the length required for your application. It is also possible to supply them with high precision constant velocity flexible couplers and even built-in vibration damping systems.

Type 6512: Intended for use with the Agnew Analog Type 6412 High Precision Machine Spindle and the Type 6312 Hydrodynamic Oil-Bath Bearing Unit or the Type 612 Machine Bed, to drive our Type 6112 or Type 6114 Vacuum Platter from our Type 631 direct-drive motor.

Type 6558: Designed for driving a disk recording lathe leadscrew from our Type 6658 Pitch System.