Teaching and Training

We offer Teaching & Training services on various audio engineering related subjects: 

  • Training on the use and maintenance of Disk Recording and Mastering Systems.

  • Training on the use and maintenance of Analog Tape Machines.

  • Teaching of the vast subject of mastering audio.

  • Teaching and practical training on Sound Recording with a focus on analog equipment and high quality.

Courses can be tailored to your requirements and can also cover any other subject (apart from the aforementioned) within our fields of expertise. Our courses are available to individuals or small groups, with experience levels ranging from beginners determined to acquire the necessary bearings to enhance their career opportunities, all the way to seasoned industry professionals seeking to expand their knowledge-base and skill-set to move up the professional ladder. 

J. I. Agnew has significant lecturing experience in highly regarded academic institutions, always ranking favourably in student assessments for his in-depth knowledge and teaching skills. Moreover, he has over 15 years of professional experience in the audio industry, clocking a high mileage of practical hands-on experience in the field, with all manners of audio equipment and technology, from crudely archaic to sci-fi modern. 

Throughout his career, he has always remained an active teacher, from lecturing at conferences and seminars, to privately teaching students in his laboratory, and from apprenticeships to training sessions for operators in specialized fields such as disk mastering. 

As such, our teaching and training services offer an extraordinarily high standard of educational value, at a very reasonable cost. Please contact us with your educational requirements. Private and industrial enquiries welcome.