The Reliable Stylus Heating System: Type 192

The Agnew Analog Reference Instrument Type 192 is a minimalist, industrial-grade stylus heater supply unit, designed and built to last forever.
It is a current-regulated design, set at the factory for 550 mA, in an ultra-ruggedized configuration, for maximum reliability in constant-duty environments, when downtime is not an option.

There are no controls other than an On/Off switch, so you cannot possibly set it wrong. It can deliver its full power into a short circuit with no risk of damage, as a result of its rugged design.

Best of all, it is brand new, still actively in production, backed by our exceptional customer service, and compatible with any make and model of lathe, cutter head and stylus of any vintage.

It is suitable for cutting lacquer or plastics, and can be set up for different current values, or for synchronization/remote control, upon request.

Adjustable current version to follow soon.