Type 191 Frequency Converter

The Type 191 is a professional frequency converter of exceptional performance, for disk mastering lathes, tape machines, reproducer turntables, and other sound recording and reproducing applications where motor speed depends on the frequency of the electricity supply. 

It can supply 50 Hz at 230 VAC or 60 Hz at 115 VAC with extremely tight regulation of both voltage and frequency. The frequency regulation is Quartz controlled and does not vary with load. The output is a very clean sine wave with low distortion. 

Thorens Turntable SME 3009 VDH cartridge

It can be powered by any voltage or frequency and can even be powered by DC, or operate from a battery bank for mobile applications, off-grid installations and renewable energy systems. 

In this murky age of distributed generation and rapidly diminishing standards of quality in consumer electronics and appliances, the Type 191 is not only used as a frequency converter, but as an audio-grade clean electricity supply, even when there are no motors involved. 

Any serious audio installation must begin by ensuring an audio-grade, reliable and clean supply of electricity. J. I. Agnew is an authority in this field and can offer consulting services, if you are starting out building a new professional audio facility, or simply feel ready to take your existing one to the next level.