Type 6312 Hydrodynamic Oil-bath Bearing Units

We offer a range of hydrodynamic oil-bath bearing units and shafts, along with subplatters and vacuum platters, for direct-drive disk-recording and mastering lathe applications. They can be made to fit any lathe, old or new, with a mounting flange or in an interference fit configuration.

They offer accuracy, reliability and quiet operation, along with the ability to drive them from below using a direct-drive motor (Agnew Analog Reference Instrument Type 631, Lyrec SM-8, Technics SP-02, and so on), or even a high-torque turntable on the floor under the lathe, acting as a motor (the Technics SP-10 is well suited for the task and is being used to drive Scully and Neumann lathes in some of the world's foremost mastering facilities).

In a hydrodynamic bearing, the spindle is floating on an oil film, completely eliminating metal-to-metal contact. Our bearing units are filled with oil and the spindle is submerged in an oil bath. The design of the spindle causes it to float once it starts spinning and keeps it accurately centered.


The Agnew Analog Type 6312 Reference Instruments have been successfully fitted to Scully, Neumann, Fairchild and Presto lathes. They can be fitted to any lathe of any vintage and can also be supplied in quantity if you would like to use it as part of a new product.