Type 710 Disk Recording Pre-Emphasis and Protection Module

The Agnew Analog Reference Instruments Type 710 is a monophonic disk recording pre-emphasis and cutter head protection module of exceptional quality, designed by J. I. Agnew for heavy-duty use, where reliability is required in continuous operation and a no-compromise approach to sound quality is expected. 

Type 710 Disk Recording Pre-Emphasis and Protection Module

The 710 will take a line level audio signal and apply the RIAA pre-emphasis curve accurately, providing an output that can drive a cutting amplifier. 

It features a transformer-balanced XLR input along with an unbalanced RCA input, an optional monitor output (balanced or unbalanced), and an RIAA pre-emphasis output. 

Additionally, it includes a fuse for cutter head protection, and SpeakON connectors for power amplifier and cutter head wiring. 

Hand crafted in a rugged 19" rack mountable enclosure, using high precision electronic components and gold-plated connectors. 

It can be used to drive most power amplifiers, even those intended for use with loudspeakers. It allows you to convert almost any power amplifier into a disk recording cutting amplifier. 

The 710 is primarily intended for use with monophonic cutter heads without motional feedback and is NOT suitable for feedback cutter heads. It can be used with moving iron, moving coil, or crystal transducers. 

As these units are hand crafted, custom modification can be implemented, if required. Please contact us with your requirements and specifications. Quantity discounts may be possible. 

Type 710 Disk Recording Pre-Emphasis and Protection Module