Fitting a Neumann Cutter Head to a Presto Lathe

Neumann cutter heads have a rib along the back, for mounting. Presto lathes, on the other hand, together with the vast majority of non-Neumann vintage lathes (Rek-O-Kut, Fairchild, etc.), have a mount with two slots, for cutter heads with two threaded holes on the back (Audax, Presto, Fairchild, RCA, etc).

We have previously discussed the Agnew Analog Reference Instrument Type 1414, a cutter head mount adapter that allows a cutter head with two threaded holes to be mounted on a Neumann lathe.

The Agnew Analog Reference Instrument Type 1416 was designed to do the dead opposite: It allows a Neumann cutter head to be mounted on a Presto, Rek-O-Kut, Fairchild, or any other lathe intended to take a two-screw cutter head.

Not only will it let you fit a stereophonic cutter head such as the Neumann SX74 (or SX68, SC-99, Caruso, etc.) on a range of vintage lathes, but it will also ensure that the monophonic range of Neumann heads, such as the Neumann ES-59, MS-52H and R-12b, are perfectly aligned with the center line, by keeping the stylus-to-mount distance the same as on the Presto 1D cutter head!

The Type 1416 is machined from a solid block of a Magnesium/Aluminum alloy, popular in the aerospace industry, on our precision milling machine, originally intended for manufacturing medical implants!

Geometric accuracy of the highest order is required for such a mount to work as intended.
Adequate clearance is designed into the part, in consideration of all the features at the back of the range of Neumann heads. Two sets of threaded holes offer a wide range of height adjustment for different lathes and heads. The careful choice of alloy ensures structural rigidity with no resonances affecting the audio range.

Stainless steel mounting screws, set-screws and lock-nuts come with the Type 1416 as standard.

With its low profile and sleek contours, the Type 1416 will make an elegant upgrade for your vintage lathe.