New Series 6100 Vacuum Platters

The ultimate vacuum platter is finally here, and it is very reasonably priced. After three years of exhaustive research and development and several prototypes of different versions, along with field testing, we have finally arrived at what we believe is the most advanced and accurate vacuum platter ever made.

Available in 14" and 12" versions, our Type 6114 and Type 6112 Reference Instruments are now available to order, in any quantity. Do you want 100 of them? We'll make them, and threw in a quantity discount as well!

Curious about their accuracy? Check out these videos, where J.I. Agnew puts his favorite Starrett Last Word indicators on them:

Our new vacuum platters were originally designed for use with our new Type 612 disk mastering lathe, but they can also be fitted to any vintage lathe you may heave. Neumann, Scully, Fairchild, Presto, Rek-O-Kut, etc, can now all be upgraded with our vacuum platters and bearing units.

But what is even more unusual, is that our new vacuum platters can also just sit on top of any existing turntable platter, converting it to a vacuum platter!

Tired of gaffer-taping the blank down to the platter?

Experience cutting like a professional with the cutting edge of disk mastering technology.

Read more here: Stay tuned for more exciting news!