driveshaft on lathe

New Series 6500 Driveshafts now available

We have developed a range of precision machined driveshafts that can be supplied in any length required for your applications, with end diameters to your specification. Each end could be made a different diameter, if required, and we can also supply a useful range of accessories, such as constant velocity flexible couplers, vibration dampers, soft-start clutches and mounting flanges, to suit your application.


The driveshafts are designed for low torsion and high internal damping, so they do not ring or resonate, which is a common problem with conventional driveshafts in applications requiring very high accuracy and excellent vibration control.

The most common application is in driving the vacuum platter of a disk recording or mastering lathe from a floor-standing direct-drive motor such our own Type 631, the Lyrec SM-8,or the Flokason TT-15.

With a special adapter we can supply, you can also use a turntable on the floor, like the Technics SP-10, as a direct-drive motor, to drive the platter of your cutting lathe, like Bernie Grundman does with his Scully lathe.

Our driveshafts can also be used to drive the leadscrew of a disk mastering lathe from a pitch motor located further away, or in a variety of other precision engineering applications where accuracy and tight parameter control are paramount.

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