The Stylish Stylus Tool

Requests for a stylus tool kept on coming in, so we decided to design and manufacture them! We call it the Agnew Analog Reference Instruments Type 6019 and it is now available for sale.

Stylus tool safely holding the ruby cutting stylus

The taper shank disk recording stylii (Transco 320, Adamant NSH-2, etc.) used in many popular stereophonic cutter heads require a special stylus tool to insert and align in the socket, or to remove them, without risking damage to the cutter head or stylus. This is exactly what the Type 6019 will do.

But, if we are going to go through the effort of making a stylus tool, why restrict ourselves to more of the usual, annoyingly small, mundane, utilitarian designs?

We are proud to present the stylish stylus tool, so you can replace your stylus in style!

The Type 6019 is precision machined from nickel-chromium stainless steel, ensuring geometric and dimensional accuracy, along with decades of reliable service.

Precision machining the stylus tool slot

No plating to flake off, no corrosion, no instability. Long enough for a bear paw to hold, yet super precise in engaging the square collar of the stylus shank with negligible play, for quick and confident stylus alignment every time!

The Agnew Analog logo is engraved on the back of each stylus tool, identifying it as a quality product, made to the usual high standards you have to come to expect from Agnew Analog Reference Instruments.