Type 1501 Stylus Shank Adapter gets a Flat!

Our popular Agnew Analog Reference Instrument Type 1501 Stylus shank adapter was intended to make it possible to use the Neumann-style taper shank stylus (Transco 320, Adamant NSH-2, etc) with vintage mono heads such as the Presto 1-C and 1-D, which need a long shank stylus.

Up to now, customers would just install the adapter and leave it there, only occasionally replacing the stylus. One customer, however, wanted to be able to leave the stylii aligned in the adapter, and change them out without needing to realign.

For this, the adapter would need to have a flat. Since all our products are handcrafted, this was something we could easily do:

Please welcome Type 1501-F, the latest addition to our range of stylus shank adapters!

If you need additional features or modifications to any of our products, do not hesitate to ask!