Cutting Stylus Shank Adapter

Long Shank

Type 1501 

Short Shank

Type 1502

These adapters will accept a Neumann type taper shank cutting stylus (Transco 320, Adamant NSH-2, etc) and provide it with a long cylindrical shank that can be fitted to most vintage monophonic cutter heads, such as those manufactured by Fairchild, Audax, Presto, RCA, Olson, Universal, and many others. The only difference between Type 1501 and 1502 is the length. Made from a special aerospace aluminum alloy and heat treated. Bulk discounts may be available if the quantity would permit. Custom adapters can be manufactured to your specifications, please enquire. Cutting stylus not included.

Click this link our example of custom machined batch of adapters to fit the Westrex 2B, accepting the widely available Neumann taper shank.