Heater Wire Terminals

EUR 6.00 each
EUR 10.00 for a pair 
Wenow have hundreds of heater wire terminals in stock, as we are in the process of stocking up for the manufacturing of our new stereophonic cutter head. Since these items have been "unobtanium" for a long while now, we are happy to offer these individually or in pairs to anyone needing them for their vintage cutter heads, or those trying their luck at making DIY heads. 

These are extremely high quality, long-lasting items, threaded at the back, with a spring-loaded button and easily accessible slot, making it easy and quick to attach the heater wires of the stylus, for hot stylus recording. If you need these in bulk quantities, we would be happy to offer quantity discounts. We are happy to support anyone else wishing to develop a cutter head, the world needs more of them!
We can also machine custom brackets to attach these to your cutter head, if required. A current-regulated heater supply unit is also available, please see  Agnew Analog Reference Instrument Type 192.
These are very similar in design to the item used for the same purpose on the Westrex (Western Electric) cutter heads and also the Grampian Type D cutter heads, most probably being quite a straightforward swap, in case the heater terminals on your cutter head are getting a bit too old. We do take on cutter head repairs in case you would prefer a more steady hand doing the job.